Your own private WordPress repository for plugins and themes

Wordup provides you with your own private WordPress directory for plugins and themes.

With just one command you can publish your code to wordup, so that it can be automatically updated like any publicly available WordPress plugin or theme.

                        # Publish your theme or plugin to Wordup
$ wordup cloud:publish

Develop & test local. Preview in the cloud.

Use the Wordup CLI to set up and manage your local theme- & plugin-development so that you can focus on what matters: code.

Easily keep your clients posted using the Wordup staging environment.

                        # Create a new local project
$ wordup init

# Install the local WordPress containers
$ wordup local:install

# Preview in the cloud
$ wordup cloud:clone

Everything you would expect

Speed up development

Quickly develop new ideas and show the results immediately to your clients.

Modern CI/CD tool for WordPress

Wordup is the only continuous integration tool for WordPress. It can be integreated in any release or staging process.


Preview a new release by publishing it to a staging environment first.


Organize all your themes and plugins using a clean semantic versioning strategy.

Automatic updates

Every public WordPress installation is able to securely access and receive updates from your wordup plugin and theme directory.

Private keys

Provide private product keys so that clients have access to your releases.

Get your early access

Currently wordup is only available to a limited amount of users.

Basics for every developer
Unlimited public projects
Unlimited builds
1 private project
250 MB project storage
Pro (BETA)
Restricted access for beta users
Everything included in Free, plus:
10 private projects
2 GB project storage
1 WordPress test node